*** i like... jan weiler books ***

It is such a pity for all you non german readers that you cannot experience the joy that is this book.

i like jan weiler books

** i like... popcorn and pin cushions ***

When I was in school, I went through a popcorn phase, for a while I ate a huge bowl of popcorn about twice a day. I just could not get enough of the things...

and as for pin cushions, according to Freud the reason women wear ponytails is penile envy... so perhaps the reason I have so many piercings is pincushion envy?

anyway, what better than the two in one?

made by kristy, website here.


*** i like... my family ***

i like my family. x

*** i like... seahorses ***

All of you that know me, know that I have nothing to do at the moment. I am floating. So for a while this blog is going to be the new obsession that gives me something to do...

This is a seahorse I drew a while back. I like seahorses.

Seahorse: toothless, monogamous animal with independant eye movement. mixtures between horses and seamonsters. their beheaded heads often mounted on wooden bases to use as the Knight pieces in chess

*** i like... stumbleupon and genuine gestures ***

My efforts to start a blog failed miserably three times. I changed the name of my blog three times, each time not knowing what to blog about. This time I am just going to blog about things I like, because there is a sufficient amount of things I like...

I stumbled on these pictures with stumbleupon. For those of you who don't know stumble upon, click here. I like stumbleupon.

I like that these efforts are made with more love than money. As a girl, I like things. Expensive things are good too. But spending alot of money on me will not make me like you, it will make me like the things you buy me.. I like simple gestures of genuine care and affection.

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