*** my life ***

Although I am a ninny every now and again and moan about small things, on the grander scale of things I am generally happy and superbly content.  These images remind me my life now and make me smile about it.

Images from here.


*** bread ***

Today I beaked some bread for the first time ever. In my life I have made fake, rip-off breads that are more like savoury cakes, but never a proper dark bread with real bread flour.  The concept of different types of flour in general fascinates me...

Anyway.  I considered rambling on about the marvel that is fresh bread straight out of the oven, but I think I have made it clear ample times that the smells, tastes and sounds of all types of foodstuffs are too amazing for words (at least for today).

This is a beer bread with wholewheat, rye and bread flour. Yummo. [And our beautiful coffee grinder in the background that I could nut help but to include in the pictures.]


*** shirtheads ***

I saw these pictures on separate occasions, but they make me think of each other in a 'boy grows up' kind of way.  Two beautiful images, very different, but with the obvious unifying element.

First image from here, second image from here.