*** workedy work work ***

I've been a 'neglective' [is there such a word?] blogger again lately... After having absolutely nothing to do for ages, I suddenly received a bout of freelance work (yay). It feels great to be productive again.

I promised myself that I would upload more of my work on 'me blog' (read in poorly imitated london accent), so here goes: a poster and flyer (front side) for Creative Scotland/ La Chunky Studio...


*** blogs ***

Although I am not a gifted writer, I have the irrepressible urge to digress (my apologies in advance for the sentimental dribble I am about to share with you- the links are good at least).

I am currently lying belly-down on my friend’s bed; which I have been occupying for the last couple of days, as he is on holiday and I am suffering from a chronic onset of homelessness as direct result of unemployment.  Either the recession is hitting hard, or I am ‘terminally unemployable’*.  Let’s hope not the latter.

Currently I am indulging in a, let’s call it ‘pensive, state of being’.  I have discovered the music of Laura Marling, which is fuelling this mentality.  Every hour or so I proceed to shovel in excessive amounts of Ovomaltine powder [I have blogged about this beast of a beverage here].


Besides being sprawled out on a meadow of duvets, stuffing my ever-expanding face with powdered chocolate, I am on a thoroughly enjoyable blog-reading streak, which I feel I should share- in case you too feel like reading some captivating pieces of the English language.

The highlights of my evening, however menial you may find them (I don’t, I can assure you) included:

Discovering an acquaintance’s blog [it is far more intelligible than mine, not hard to believe considering I describe my current state of vegetation as ‘pensive’].

I read about the death of her dog and cried. Literally.

I found another blog about my old hometown, which made me nostalgic and a bit homesick.

I managed to get chewing gum all over my jacket and googled how to make this blunder reversible***

And I discovered the Thought Catalogue, a place for relevant and relatable non-fiction and thought and particularly enjoyed these entries [I envy people with the ability to write so comprehensively]:

You should date an illiterate girl [by Charles Warnke]
I collect homes [by Talia Ralph]
You guys, I am so old [by Chelsea Fagan]

Also, I particularly enjoyed The Dumb Day [by Brad Pike].  I have dumb days all the time. And I mean all the time…

* I am sure this phrase has been patented by one of my friends, who takes particular pleasure in making fun of me for not having a job.
** Modern  typography is in serious need of a sarcasm font.
*** Apparently you freeze the garment and scrape off the gum


*** the lost thing ***

Upon recommendation of a friend I watched the animated shortfilm "The Lost Thing" (2010).  It is a truly beautiful piece of animation, with a touching little story.  I've added some still images for you to get a feel of the film's 'magic'.  When you have spare 15 minutes, do yourself a favour and watch the full version (which is also added right underneath all the images). It is like an illustration coming to life.



Many a morning I have eaten Wimpy breakfast, I think Wimpy is renowned for their breakfast, which is pretty strange as they are a burger place. I'm sure many of you have seen their braille campaign, as I can imagine it spread like wildfire, because it is indeed too lovely for words, I'm a sucker for things of this nature.  Have a look for yourself.


*** my tablet***

I generally don't like blogging about things I have created, as I suffer from perfectionist-induced-shyness about most of my "work" [I generally don't regard doodling making pictures as work, but I am sure some people might do].  Plus, I suppose it really is a good idea proverbially 'putting my stuff "out there"' for some exposure, even if it is limited to the relatively small amount of 31 followers (I am thankful for every one of you).

After being engulfed by my still very new (to me), and still very beloved, graphic's tablet tonight, I was inspired to at least make the attempt of keeping a constant flow of 'own work' going on here in the future. As I am not the most avid blogger, I am keeping it realistic and am aiming for at least once a month...  Let's see how that goes.

For now (at risk of seeming ever-so-slightly vain), I've uploaded the self portrait I was mucking about with tonight.  [Drawn from a photograph taken by Hannes, my very dear friend and very talented designer/ illustrator.  Pop into his Behance portfolio site here].

Afterthought for the day: I hope you like my new blog-look. It was time for a change. It was tough to let go of the endless pink, but it had to be done at some point.