*** uhm, dance (?) ***

I am busy working on my master's dissertation, and while doing some research I came across this video.  It's a dance choreographed to look like it is underwater [at least it looks that way to me], absolutely amazing.

These are just a few stills that I screen-captured, have a look at the video here.


*** sunshine and a garden ***

I cannot say enough how much I want sunshine and a garden to be jolly in. Glagow is an alright place, I can't really complain about it much, considering I lived in the death-trap, magnificently beautiful, heartwarming and sunny deathtrap- but deathtrap nonetheless, that is Africa...

But still I miss the sun's heat on my skin, the crazy yellow light after afternoon thunderstorms, lekker braais and overwhelmingly warm people taking it easy in their gardens with a klippies en coke... or an ice cold zamalek.  Europe sure could learn some things from Africa...

[excuse the small image size... images from pinterest]



*** fluffy animals ***

For some reason the miserable weather in Glasgow is increasing my want for a tiny little fluffy squishy animal as pet... I want, I want, i want! Too damn cute for words. [From pinterest].


*** bitching about comic sans again ***

I remember going on about how awful I find comic sans in a previous blog entry, so I will spare everyone from doing so again. I found this picture (on pinterest I think) that amused me oh-so-greatly, I had to reblog on this topic though...