*** stopmotion ***

Have a look at the world's smallest and largest stop motion animations in the world- as well as their "making of's".   I love everything about stop motion- and I am very intrigued by making ofs... It's one thing watching the animation, and whole other thing of seeing how much time, effort, craft and planning goes into these seemingly "simple" pieces of work... So fascinating.

I am very much convinced that at some point in my not too distant future I will attempt one of my own.  I have done so in my undergraduate, but I am not entirely satisfied with the outcome... So attempt no. two is well in order.

Anyway.  Have a look.  Too charming.

[Dot- The smallest stop-motion animation in the world]

[Making of Dot]

[Gulp- The largest stop=motion animation in the world]

[Making of Gulp]

[animation by Aardman (Sand art by Sand in your Eye) and shot with a Nokia N8]


*** disliking comic sans for a THIRD time ***

I still hate comic sans. Passionately. And it has popped up in my radar again over the last week. Very amusingly so.

Firstly the Google 'easteregg' "Comic Sans for Everyone"[Have you come across some of their other easter eggs? They highly entertain me, I've been researching them quite intensely over the last days. Too cool... I may end up blogging them at some point, who knows...].  Anyway, I'm sure the good folk from Google also hate Comic Sans. Have a look at their prank here.

Secondly, the website Comic Sans Criminal: A site designed to educate the unsuspecting comic-sans-user about their wrongdoings. Also very entertaining. Have a look here.

*** Berg's little printer ***

This would ruin many a forest, but I still want one.
Yes, I would use it economically...

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

Read more about this little printer on the Creative Review blog here.


*** mapped stereotypes ***

I came across these maps showing the stereotyped views of the population from various countries of the EU about their fellow EU-members. Very entertaining. I added my (very limited) thoughts of each of the countries as well- general knowledge, politics and geography are not one of my strong points...

Blogged from here.

Europe according to the Russians

Europe according to the Greeks

Europe according to the Germans

Europe according to the Turks.

Europe according to Italy

Europe according to the UK

Europe according to France

Europe according to the US

Europe according to ME

*** banksy ***

I'm not really one for ay form of political or social conversation amongst 'friends', it seems to me that it always ends up in bickering, never to be really resolved, where people usually grumpily agree to disagree... It has never really made much sense to me [I know many will argue this though]... Anyway...

I am however, a very large Banksy fan.  His commentary amuses me, and although it is very much 'in your face' by nature, he still makes his point in a way that you can "take it or leave it".

I found three very interesting non-graffiti Banksy-related posts that I will share with you on this very merry Christmas day (merry Christmas to you all):

1. Banksy stealing challenge: The Art Series Hotels have hung up a Banksy picture which the guests of the hotel are welcome to steal: if they can pull of the "heist" without being busted, they get to keep the picture [as far as I understand this is how it works].  Damn cool. I'd love to try that, but unfortunately I am on the other side of the globe... [Read more about it here]

[Picture is "up- ready for stealing"]

[Picture is stolen]

2. Banksy's pet store. Very entertaining: the chicken nuggets crack me up... And the CCTV birds...

3. Banksy's critique of the whole catholic-priest-shenanigans: blurring out the priest statues face like criminals in documentaries. Teehee, clever. He says "I'm never sure who deserves to be put on a pedestal or crushed under one".

[Images from here]


*** marzipan pigs ***

According to boing boing, "maker of 10kg marzipan pig decides it's too gruesome to give to his daughters"
That really is one evil looking marzipan pig... Have a look for more pictures here.

*** watching people work ***

I seriously love watching people work, not only is it super therapeutic and fascinating- but I am sure it must be educational on some level.  People make it look so easy, mmmmpff.

[Made by some guy called Alex... click on the YouTube Video to see source.]


*** old-school sign drawing ***

This was superbly interesting for me to watch. It's a short documentary about commercial sign artists, working old-school: huge adverts painted on buildings by means of stencils and paintbrushes. Hardcore, but damn cool.  Made by Jon.