*** the kern game ***

I discovered this game on someone's facebook at some point in the last couple of weeks and it has provided me with hours of amusement- I don't know if this is because by nature I am pretty much fascinated with design (even more so that "art" I am ashamed to admit).  I was happy to discover that my kerning skills are pretty much spot on.  For those of you that have not spent their last couple of years studying design and therefore don't know what kerning is:

kerningpresent participle of kern (Verb)

  1. Adjust the spacing between (letters or characters) in a piece of text to be printed.
  2. Make (letters) overlap.

Have a go here: Kerntype.


*** animals making a doodoo ***

I will apologize in advance for the content of this blogpost [I suppose some people may find this offensive], but I have a desperate urge to share this information with the virtual world of blog readers out there.  As I have recently moved to London I am currently looking for some form of employment. The friend I am currently living with advised me to seek out opportunities at apple, as apparently their work environment is pretty 'agreeable'. Anyway, after taking action on this suggestion, I promptly got an interview, during which I was sworn to secrecy by a confidentiality agreement/contract.  So I cannot let out any secrets about their recruitment process (which personally I thought was horrific- I'm sure I can say that... right?!).

Anyway, without letting the proverbial cat out of the (equally proverbial) bag, I would like to- by means of an example- portray how awfully I react to the interviewing process: at some stage I had to say something "interesting about myself".  I thought about this long and hard and somehow thought it wise to tell everyone present (here it comes) that I really like to watch animals pooing... I thought nothing of it, but in retrospect when telling friends about this decision, I was met with comments like "there is a time, a place and a crowd for statements like that" and "what on earth possessed you to tell potential employers that you like watching animals take a crap?".  Needless to say I was not hired [retrospectively, thank goodness, it turned out to be a very salesy customer service/ retail position. I figure I did not study for FIVE YEARS to work sales of some cult-like retail store.  This again is besides the point again though...].  My point is that I really really do like watching animals poo.... and I am not particularly ashamed to admit it....

A horse lifts its tail in anticipation, a cat curves its back (in a manner much reflecting something like intense disdain for itself), a fish swims around for at least five minutes with a brown 'string' hanging from its 'lowerds' and my dog for one cannot stand it when you look at him poo- so much so that he will stop and move to somewhere else to continue his business.... How can you not find this interesting?!

As fascinating as I find this, I will refrain from mentioning it at another interview.... For now though, I will share my enthusiasm: here is a tasteless (if I say so myself) video of a horse making a poopoo.

*** marcel in a shell with shoes ***

I know I have been a bad bad blogger. I have recently moved to London and in the process most of my 'creative' materials have landed in a box, still in my old flat in Glasgow. For now here is a little animation that I was shown on the first night of my stay here in my friend's livingroom [I've turned into "that person living on the couch"].  One of the cutest little animations I have come across. Almost heartbreakingly so. [made by Dean Fleischer-Camp]