*** fruitmashup ***

I found this lovely video during my evening browsing (what's with all  my video-ing lately, huh?).  Anyhoo, here's a lovely concept by Ogilvy

As per AdvertisingAge, "Two Fruits are better than one, so why not try a Pinegrape?"

[Screenshots from the youtube video "Fruit Mashup"


*** Caine's Arcade ***

Came across this a minute a go, too damn cute, it almost made me cry.  It's a bit of a slow start [for the impatient like me], but worth the watch.

In context of the whole thing I particularly enjoyed 05:02 - 05:17.  Cracked me up.

Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo


*** life drawing ***

I go life drawing every Tuesday (tomorrow, yay!) at the Vintage Emporium on Brick Lane, which is a loverly little coffee place conveniently located beween my work and my home.  On the same route is the Bookclub, which it seems also does lifedrawing, even though I have not frequented their establishment as yet, they made a beautiful video to promote said lifedrawing event.

Amazing stuff.

Life Drawing at The Book Club from Wriggles & Robins on Vimeo