*** Greg's calligraphic typography ***

Dear Greg,

I have never met you, but I have heard a significant amount about you.  So I am writing you a very short blog-letter: I like your work. It is lovely. I am slightly envious and sometimes would like to stomp on your foot because jealousy makes you nasty, but most of the time I am happy that you are doing well and making beautiful typographic art pieces in the sunshine of Greece.


Dear other readers,

Have a look at more of Greg's work on his Flicker. It is lovely.



*** chalk art ***

I remember back in the day, approximately around my 15th life year, I was a chalk-board "artist" for some local pubs- drawing the signs for the drink-specials on a weekly basis.  It was a fantastic 'profession', I'd love to get back into it these days- especially since my style has most definitely matured from my childish scribbles back then.  But with the advances of technology, do people even still use chalk board advertising? I sure hope so...

I recently stumbled upon the work of Dana Tanamachi (a graphic designer and chalk letterer from New York).  This gem of a chalkboard artist is most definitely nothing short of an inspiration. So lovely.

[Images via KoiKoiKoi]

[Video from Dana's Vimeo]