*** the simpsons ***

The Simpsons is one of my favourite shows- I'm not much of a TV watcher, but I often get sucked into a spiral of series watching. They are addictive. The last couple of months it has been The Simpsons (amongst others).  One thing I really love about this show is its title sequence. I'm sure those of you who have watched more than 3 episodes have noticed that the title sequence changes in the bit where the Simpsons sit down on their couch.  I absolutely love this little detail. I wait eagerly during the titles for this part to see "what it is this time"...

Anyhoo.  Today when I came home I was pleasantly surprised when I was shown Season 17 Episode 15's titles, which have been recreated using real people and places (**find it!).  It's astounding how accurately it's done.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a video link online to embed, so I took screenshots galore to have a fair idea and good comparison.

Yet again, superbly cool


*** comic sans retaliation ***

I think this is close to the fifth time I blog about Comic Sans... It is a truly awful font, but as this video observes, it also is equally famous - "a sans serif superman and [its] only kryptonite is pretentious buzzkills like you [or me, haha]...".

Maybe I should cut Comic Sans some slack.

Or maybe not...

Video by Joe Hollier.


*** someone with a mutual comic sans hatred ***

Yet again I've stumbled across a very [very] amusing piece of bloggery with regards to, dare I say it, Comic Sans. Have a look and be as entertained on Swissmiss's blog.


*** coca cola [yes, really] ***

Admittedly, I am a fan of Coca Cola- I'm not the biggest Coke drinker, with all the talk of sugar content and rumour of teeth being dissolved overnight in a glass of Coke.  I do, however appreciate an ice cold coke every now and again. Some work endeavours have had me do some research on Coca Cola recently and I have discovered some pretty nifty adverts they have come up with. I remember many years ago [the days of huge PC towers, slow internet and ancient CD rom drives], a friend of mine directed me to a webpage thanking all the loyal Coca Cola customers for their support over the years- this message was accompanied by a link directing the viewers to a promotional gift, stating "click for a free cupholder" On clicking this particular message the computer's CD rom opened. I don't know if any of you came across this all those years ago...? I'm pretty certain this bit of advertising won't cause everyone to jump around in excitement as it made me do, but each to his own, I'm a sucker for this type of thing.

These days too, Coca Cola has come up with some pretty neat advertising ideas like these:

I've also come to realise that Coke puts up little riddles on their facebook page, which upon solving lead you to a URL with a little animation of sort to "bring a little happiness to your day".  The current riddle is as follows:

This sitelet is special,
and will require all your attention.
And if you're doing it right,
it will relieve all your tension.
You will need to be totally still,
You're using meditation as a skill.
Your camera will be used for proving
That while you relax, there's No_ _ _ _ _ _.com

To read more about past riddles, have a look here.