*** pretzels ***

I baked me some mighty fine pretzels today. I still like baking. Admittedly my pretzels aren't as good as bakery-bought ones, but still: it's a start.

*** things with my name ***

At some point I was looking at pretty things in the internet and I happened to find this cute little boat, it is called Julia, just like me. It made me smile. I want it.

Unfortunately I can't find the link from where I got them...


*** things that make telephonic communication more bearable ***

I absolutely hate talking on the phone- sometimes more than others, but still a general distaste is present... I am fully aware [and have accepted the fact] that it is a very useful and vital communication tool in these modern times... but it still doesn't change that I generally find telephone conversations horrible. These phones on the other hand are lovely... maybe if I had one of them I would be more motivated to speak telephonically!

Images found on Oh Happy Day.


*** nothing to like today ***

I am feeling melancholy today, my world is crumbling a little bit and I am finding it hard to say goodbye.

First image from here and second from here.


*** i like German houses ***

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny Sunday, I went for a walk with my dogs to the lake close to my house. On the way I took some snapshots of such pretty German houses. I'd love to live in any one of them [although my house is also pretty nifty...].

I like looking at houses... just another variety of nesting :)


*** good ideas ***

[In the words of Douglas Adams] "That is really amazing. That really is truly amazing. That is so amazingly amazing I think I'd like to steal it."

Too true, and I am so going to steal the idea.

Image from here.


*** homemade cards ***

It's my parent's 25 year wedding anniversary next week. I made a card for my mother [on behalf of my father]. It isn't that pretty, but I still feel I need to share my revolutionary card-making experience:

Ever since I knew what a press was I wanted to own one. Now I am 24 years old, and I still don't own one... I have however found that if you make a sort of stencil, moisten some thickish paper, layer the two, top it off with a bit of cloth and newspaper and then drive over it a couple of times [with a car, yes], it works almost as well.

*** not liking comic sans ***

I didn't want to post this, because it isn't the most beautiful image, but then I thought it was just too amusing not to post...

I like not liking comic sans... All designers unite in the hatred for one font. Super.


*** ... tattoos ***

I like hearts and I like tattoos, what more can I ask for than this beautiful tattoo?! I found it on pinterest [awesome site, check it out!].

Another awesome tattoo I just stumbled upon. Found here.


*** surprise rainbows ***

…impromptu rainbows (made from acrylic paint attached to a windshield wiper)

If I could drive and someone surprised me with a rainbow such as this, I would be one happy driver!

Image from design for mankind.


*** i [still] like nesting ***

I do really have the urge to build a beautiful home. I am getting increasingly excited to move- although I realise I am going to live in a dingy little hole and not a beautiful bright and airy living space. I can still brighten up my dingy hole though- like this balcony: an oasis of colour in a dull grey city:

Image from here.


*** baby porcupine ***

This is too cute. I want one!
[Image from here]

*** teeny weeny pencil nib sculptures ***

How cool are these mini-sculptures? Made from the nib of penicils by Dalton Ghetti. "Now we know what Dalton Ghetti was doing while he was bored in school". I like...!



*** i like lovemademedoit ***

Such beautiful wedding invites by lovemademedoit. Makes me want to get married too. Sigh. Not really though, I just want a wedding. A beautiful, whimsical and of course designerly wedding.

These signs are also for Maike's (from welovepictures & lovemademedoit) wedding. I think also they are stunning and am determined to make similar ones for my new flat!

This post is for all the awesome inspiration I've gotten there: I like lovemademedoit.


*** i like hearts ***

So beautiful, from the year of story.

So cute from the small object.

By eco chic.

Pretty print by Roddy and Ginger.

Unfortunately Im missing this link.

As an avid facebook user, recently my status was "Maxine... <3 hearts",on which one of my loyal followers [thank you Nolo] commented why this might be. I thought about it and it is rather inexplicable. I have always hated hearts, along with the colour pink, anchovies and olives.

In the last three years however, I have started to love all things pink: I have acquired pink shoes, pink clothes, pink accessories and a pink camera. I love pink. And I simply cannot get enough of olives [especially the hard green ones] and anchovies. It is only a very recently aqcuired liking towards hearts though.

I have attributed these new likings to a German phenomenon called "Torschlusspanik". Literal translation being "gate-shut-panic", but usually refers to the fear that time is running out to act, specifically in regards to getting children. A very common phenomenon in [for lack of a better word] aging ladies. I think perhaps this Torschlusspanik is manifesting itself, not in the desire for a child, but rather in a new love for all things girly?


*** i like nesting ***

The most beautifully rustic kitchen ever. From here

I love the walls and the splurges of colour, unfortunately I don't remember where I got this image from.

I NEED these hooks...

I am moving into my own place soon and I have been looking at available flats online lately. I am hundreds if not thousands of kilometers away, so I can't view them, or sign a contract and although I know I won't move into any of the flats I see online, I still love looking and imagining that I might just move in over a month. Lately I am starting to nest, or at least wanting to start to nest, as undeniably girls do. I can't help it I see all these beautiful homes and things and envision them being mine.

I think of my husband coming home from work, He is a rugged manly man in an overall, someone who likes to build things. Or rebuild things. Perhaps vintage cars. Someone i can give flowers to in a brown paper bag. Someone who will come home with a truckload of wooden pallets, just because I might be able to make something out of them. Someone I can cook for. I want a man with a healthy appetite.

My house must be filled with life and things and smells. aromas of freshly brewed coffee, melted butter, cut grass and the slight musk of wooden floors. A healthy amount of elegantly mismatched clutter that says "this is home" even to a stranger. Wooden signs hang on walls alongside heavy pots and pans and a wide array of utensils. A very fluffy cat, maybe called Fred or Muesli- because I call everything Fred or Muesli- is always around, usually curled up in a soft and sunny corner, just to suddenly reappear wrapped around my ankles purring.