*** i like scotland ***

I've only been living in Scotland for about three months now, but I really like it. It's snowing outside [the snowflakes are HUGE]. Glasgow isn't the most scenic place to be, but there is always something to do here. A culturally rich and vibrant place with tons of live music and things to do.

I'm so eager to go up north to the countryside when the weather is better. Till then, here's some beautiful pictures taken in Scotland.

Images from here.


*** i like... dedications? ***

When I saw this I was pretty amused. It isn't the most arty shot, it's really funny nonetheless. Dedicated to all my design 'cronies' from TUKS [and more recently the DDS]. I love you guys. x


*** ... charity shops ***

The area I live in at the moment is full of charity shops. I love these shops. They are the best. I can spend ages just browsing through store after store. You are always guaranteed to find at least one thing you really like. I'm on a mission to get loads of vintagey frames and put them up in my room... I've bought quite a couple so far. Once my wall is complete, I'll be sure to blog about it. But until then, here are some pictures that inspired me.


*** rainbows ***

I remember when I was in kindergarten, every Friday afternoon we had drawing "class" (if you can even call it that). I used to LOVE this class. Every Friday, I would draw some form of rainbow. Religiously. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, a multitude of differently shaped ones, round rainbows, heart shaped rainbows... any form of rainbow I could think of. I think this was triggered by a serious love of the Carebears Movie (1985) which featured many, for lack of a better word, "rainbowy elements". [I watched that film the other day and I still love it].

This was some serious obsession and went on for months, until one Friday my teacher told us, as she did every Friday, that it was drawing class and we could "draw anything we wanted", but this time ended her sentence with "except a rainbow". I remember being devasted.

I still think I am not quite over that obsession, although it did take a hard blow that day in pre-school. I still really like rainbows...

What an awesome flipbook idea! [found here]

I want to live here! A modern day real-person's CareBear village... [found here]


*** i like something different ***

I found this on design sponge [one of the lovely blogs I follow]. The story behind this video is really sweet: April and Jeremy were planning a wedding, which spiralled out of control because of 'external pressures'. They realised that a wedding is all about the two people getting married, so they ran off and eloped. Just the two of them on their special day. They had this video made and sent it to the guest's of their originally planned wedding with the subject title, “Reclaiming Our Wedding 2010.” How lovely!


*** i like artistic ideas ***

I came across these images a while ago. These 'paintings' are in fact not paintings, but photographs of painted people. How creative. How creative some people are...

By Alexa Mead. Images found here