*** little shop of horrors ***

As I have recently moved into a new flat [pictures soon to come. yay], I went for a visit to IKEA. I dearly love IKEA, I will not go into detail about how much I love IKEA- it will suffice to say that I love it very very very much...

My flatmate- who, unlike me, is not very much into the home-shopping experience- very quickly, without mucking about, found his list of items and was ready to leave.  Almost at the end of ikea is the plant section  in which I made him wait patiently while I inspected almost every plant in the shop.  Nearing the end of my plant shopping, I turned around and to my surprise my flatmate was standing next to (or rather bent forwards, as he is very very tall) a shelf filled with venus flytraps. Very intrigued by this species of flora.

£7 and plus-one-carnivorous-plant later we went home.

Today I heard Dani listening to the Little shop of Horrors song "Feed me Seymore".  Greatly amused.  This in turn greatly brightened up my day: a 2 meter tall, polish scientist laughing at a man-eating-hollywood-plant-star. Superb.

Here are some pictures of our [well, Dani's] "Seymore" along with some images of the Little Shop of Horrors. Lovely.


*** glue factories ***

The other day I went to an 'abandoned' gluefactory [more like ex-glue-factory-art-school-converted-clutter-storeroom/exhibiton-space] to document a friend's dissertation endeavours. Being surrounded by a rundown interior, dripping pipes and vintage audio equipment, it was a very welcome change of scenery to my mundane screen-staring-reality I am currently facing, and I was even fed marvelous cookies [of which, unfortunately I didn't even take a single photo...]


*** thread paintings ***

Daniel Kornrumpf not only has artistic talent, but he must possess extreme large quantities of patience... something I have not enough of.

Aren't his thread paintings just lovely? Yes, they are.

Images from you might like this blog.


*** stuffed toys and good times ***

I love these funny little plush stuffed toys you get these days. Once I am not as obsessively busy trying to complete my masters project, I am so going to make odd little stuffed things... Have a look at some cool ones I've seen on the interweb here.

One of them in particular amused me, because similarly to my fox-and-cat-on-head-picture-experience, I thought "hey, that reminds me of back in the day, when..." Well this one reminded me of when my very dear friend, Hannes, covered my head in masking tape. Oh, the random shit we used to do for entertainment...


***cat-coincidences ***

The other day I got entirely sucked into lovely things the internet had to show me, there are so many lovely things out there. I came across this image of a girl with a fox sleeping on her head, and it made me think of my old kitty cat, Pixie (indeed, I too find this name a little bit retarded, but the person I was dating at that time insisted on calling her that, but this is besides the point).

Pixie was the most docile being on the face of the planet.  She used to follow people around like a little puppy, sleep stretched out against my belly [yes, very very much like people spoon. I tried many times to move her in her sleep in fear of me squashing her, but she always jumped straight back into the bed, dug herself under the blankets and proceeded her spooning again]; and she used to sit on my head.  Originally I had planned to upload the photograph of this, but alas I seem to have lost it over the years, so instead I am uploading a cheap imitation of the photo, namely a self portrait I did in my first year of undergraduate degree. Not as effective, but you get the point.

We even both have hearts on the clothes we are wearing. I like...

Girl with fox on head found on Etsy, here.


*** an olive hob ***

As a post evening-out-wii-playing evening, I am disregarding my usual though of "is this blog-worthy" to inform who-ever reads this post that: I need one of these...

image from here.


*** my bubble home ***

I have to move at the end of the month, because my flatmate aka owner of the property has recently married and is creating a nest for himself and his new wife. Lucky them. I loved this flat. My flat is my safe-place, my bubble. Despite the sometimes chaotic nature of our home, it was (or rather, still is) lovely.  Prior to moving in, the property advertisement asked "Are you looking for a house you can call home?" and I thought "Yes!"and indeed Flat 3-1 became my home [temporarily].

There is clutter everywhere, chances are if you are looking for some obscure object you'll find it at our house [items include: a slackline, a wicker chair hung from the ceiling on a chain, a piano (the most impressive of the vast array of musical instruments scattered across the livingroom), an antique scale, a pan pipe... and so forth].  Not only is the place filled with sumptuously pleasant things, but it also boasts with genuine wooden floors (not the plastic laminate stuff that has recently become so popular) and to top it off, I think our street must be one of the only ones in entire Glasgow that houses balconies. [I know I sound like a letting agent right now, but I have become attached.]

I thought I would share this onset of sentimentality about my house prior to moving out.


*** clay friends ***

Young & Rubicam developed this "application" for hotels.com, as viral campaign. So I am going to do just as the advertisers had hoped and spread the word, because this has provided me with at least an hour's worth of entertainment. The concept is to create yourself as a clay character (a la Wii/ Playstation). Nothing revolutionarily new as such, but still super entertaining. Have a look for yourself here, go on, let yourself be sucked in for a little while.

Here are the four clay-people I made: Myself and three of my friends in Glasgow [who are not yet aware of this post, or the existence of their clay-alter-egos... I'm curious to see whether they recognise themselves...].

Fun I tell you. The joys of mid-nerd-dom amusement.


*** little wisdoms ***

As I have (still) been far too busy for anyone's good lately, I have been seriously neglecting my blogging activities.  During a brief moment of concentration lapse though, I stumbled upon (thank you facebook!) a site with the heading "Stuff no one told you: Simple truths of life" and thought it was a lovely thing to share.

I picked my favourite ones to post, but there are more of these little illustrated gems on fun stuff cafe.