*** rainbows ***

I remember when I was in kindergarten, every Friday afternoon we had drawing "class" (if you can even call it that). I used to LOVE this class. Every Friday, I would draw some form of rainbow. Religiously. Big ones, small ones, fat ones, a multitude of differently shaped ones, round rainbows, heart shaped rainbows... any form of rainbow I could think of. I think this was triggered by a serious love of the Carebears Movie (1985) which featured many, for lack of a better word, "rainbowy elements". [I watched that film the other day and I still love it].

This was some serious obsession and went on for months, until one Friday my teacher told us, as she did every Friday, that it was drawing class and we could "draw anything we wanted", but this time ended her sentence with "except a rainbow". I remember being devasted.

I still think I am not quite over that obsession, although it did take a hard blow that day in pre-school. I still really like rainbows...

What an awesome flipbook idea! [found here]

I want to live here! A modern day real-person's CareBear village... [found here]


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  2. That Rainbow flipbook is awesome, I saw similar concept ones in Buenos Aires but they were black and white photos tat made a movie show. I loved the one "A shot of Tequila for your Birthday" where a dirty mexican had a shot, gave you the bottle and then passed out. Classic.