*** fooooooooood ***

Last night, my man-friend (whose name I will not mention, because he would probably be horrified...) and I decided to cook.  Our thought was "lets make something nice".  I thought I'd make dolmades [stuffed vine leaves] which I haven't made in ages... This thought led to an array of foodstuff sortiments that 'go well with dolmades' and (just for the two of us) we ended up making [dolmades], tsasiki, hummus, melitzana salata, gyros, oven veggies and courgette fritters.  I also had a carrot cake... In stuffing our faces with this yummi food, we must have each consumed at least an entire garlic bulb.  Now I stink [apologies to anyone that will encounter my smelliness this evening...].

An added observation to this cooking experience was a substitute for the lack of vine leaves ( a very essential ingredient to make 'stuffed vine leaves'): We randomly chose a leafy vegetable from Sainsbury's rack to wrap the ricey filling in.  I could not have hoped for a better choice- although not the same, this vegetable [I still have no idea what it actually is- the packet was named something to the effect of "spring greens" (who names a vegetable "spring greens"?)] was a perfect substitute- try it...

If anyone happens to want any one of these lovely recipes, let me know...

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