*** watching myself draw ***

As many of you may have previously read here, I love watching how illustrations are made. It fascinates me. Time lapses attract me like a fly to poo, I don't think I could get sick of them. That and stop motion. Charming techniques they are.

Anyhoo, yesterday (or by the time I upload it, it will be "the other day" as I have been almost internetless) I was busy with an illustration and just after sketching a basic outline I thought 'hey, why not make one of those videos you like so much of your own work..?' Thank you Quicktime for developing the 'screen record' function… 

Be warned: the video is long, I had my concerns about its lengthiness; but after watching it myself- and thoroughly enjoying its therapeutic value- I figured it is ok.  If you are too impatient to watch the whole thing, I've uploaded the still final image too. 

PS. My graphics tablet is my best purchase of the last decade (second to my shiny shiny macbook...)

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  1. hehehe....is it too late to b your groupy?