*** endless bread ***

I'm very much in a bread-baking phase, I cannot stop making bread. In the last month or so I must have baked a minimum of 7 loaves of bread- that isn't a huge amount in quantity, but when you compare it to the usual zero loaves per month it seems like quite a lot. As we speak I have another loaf rising on the windowsill (baguette attempt no. 1)...

I uploaded a very spectacular image of a bread I baked a while ago on facebook and was meet with a shameful amount of scepticism from a very particular friend of mine (you know who you are..!), commenting "Lovely store bought produce placed on a baking tray to create the illusion of baking. You're a sly one".  To which I am cheesily retaliating with this post.

[500g white bread flour, 2 sachets yeast, milk, water, sugar and olive oil- and hey presto- you have bread]

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