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The Simpsons is one of my favourite shows- I'm not much of a TV watcher, but I often get sucked into a spiral of series watching. They are addictive. The last couple of months it has been The Simpsons (amongst others).  One thing I really love about this show is its title sequence. I'm sure those of you who have watched more than 3 episodes have noticed that the title sequence changes in the bit where the Simpsons sit down on their couch.  I absolutely love this little detail. I wait eagerly during the titles for this part to see "what it is this time"...

Anyhoo.  Today when I came home I was pleasantly surprised when I was shown Season 17 Episode 15's titles, which have been recreated using real people and places (**find it!).  It's astounding how accurately it's done.  Unfortunately I couldn't find a video link online to embed, so I took screenshots galore to have a fair idea and good comparison.

Yet again, superbly cool

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