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I have recently become a member of the Behance network- a network showcasing creative's work (I'm becoming digitally "sassy"). What I hate about these websites is their addictive "value" (or rather the opposite thereof).

In the first place, I keep increasing the number of pages I have: first it was myspace (which thank God I phased out) then along came facebook- the most addictive of them all... Next, of course: this blog. And now also a Behance network profile. I just can't help myself, when I see a button "become member" I need to click.

Another upsetting element of these websites, as a friend of mine once observed, is that:

"Facebook is like an empty fridge- you keep going to look inside although you know there's nothing there".

So true.

The last couple of months I have been facebooking way too obsessively- which is why I have recently removed the function of my wall, in hope to alleviate the stress that is my addiction. I tell myself "Nothing really happens anyway". But I compulsively wait and refresh the page every few minutes, hoping to see a little red icon at my inbox or notifications indicating that someting IS happening. Now, on Behance I refresh almost as frequently hoping to see the number of appreciations increase. With this blog, I refresh not quite so frequently- but still often enough; in hope for at least one follower... and apparently I do so in vain.

But that is all besides the point.

I actually wanted to share this absolutely beautiful journal work by Anna Rusakova who, low and behold, I found on the Behance network (and of course I clicked the "appreciate" button to increase her appreciation count!)

I like journals

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