*** i like... child's play ***

When I was a kid I also used to perform gummy bear surgeries- mainly beheadings though… I would gleefully rip one head off just to replace it with one of a different colour.

Another thing I loved to do with Gummy Bears was stick them in a glass of water for a couple of days. Those of you who have never tried it, I can only recommend it. The Gummy Bear grows to about five times its size (but tastes horrific).

Children do strange things, I have heard of children that refuse to eat anything that is not round, refuse to wear anything but vertically striped clothing, children that can’t eat unless they are wearing shoes. Most children shove objects- animate or inanimate- up their noses and they pee in the living room.

Put simply: partake in outrageous behaviour, according to some psychologist this is because children are like, here it comes: cavemen. Might be, but they still make me laugh.

Honestly though I think we could all learn a lesson from children: they can amuse themselves for hours with an empty cardboard box. They have massive imaginations and they don’t care what others think. They aren’t bothered with race or ethnicity and they aren’t judgemental. They are curious risk takers and they love themselves naked.

To lose one’s child-heart is to lose everything- Sri Chinmoy

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