*** i like hearts ***

So beautiful, from the year of story.

So cute from the small object.

By eco chic.

Pretty print by Roddy and Ginger.

Unfortunately Im missing this link.

As an avid facebook user, recently my status was "Maxine... <3 hearts",on which one of my loyal followers [thank you Nolo] commented why this might be. I thought about it and it is rather inexplicable. I have always hated hearts, along with the colour pink, anchovies and olives.

In the last three years however, I have started to love all things pink: I have acquired pink shoes, pink clothes, pink accessories and a pink camera. I love pink. And I simply cannot get enough of olives [especially the hard green ones] and anchovies. It is only a very recently aqcuired liking towards hearts though.

I have attributed these new likings to a German phenomenon called "Torschlusspanik". Literal translation being "gate-shut-panic", but usually refers to the fear that time is running out to act, specifically in regards to getting children. A very common phenomenon in [for lack of a better word] aging ladies. I think perhaps this Torschlusspanik is manifesting itself, not in the desire for a child, but rather in a new love for all things girly?

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  1. lol! you have just made my day! thank you :)

    back home August is the month of all things girly, seeing as it's woman's day on monday, so go wild!