*** hello kitty ***

I have mentioned in a previous post that I am increasingly regressing into a state of liking girly things, such as the colour pink and heart shapes.  Lately I have developed some form of fetish for hello kitty things. Recently my (lovely) parents financed a new laptop for me, which I am absolutely adoring.  Oddly enough though, I was, not quite but, almost as excited to find a hello kitty laptop bag for my new 'shiny' as I was for the acquisition of the splendid machine itself.

Yesterday I saw this more-than-magnificent hello kitty sandwich maker. I must have one... I feel sorry for my children, if ever I am to have any- I'm sure a lunchbox filled with hello kitty sandwiches will not only be cause of extreme embarrassment, but also drastically decrease any popularity points they may have during their teen years...

Image from pinterest.

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