*** scratchcards ***

Another obsession I have always had is one for scratchcards. There is something deeply soothing, but also exciting, in scratching a scratchcard.  It's not much unlike the need I feel to push an elevator button before other people do...  I came across a 'how to make your own scratchcards' blogpost today and felt the desperate urge to share it with the world.

1. You will need cardboard, your 'ticket', glue, contact paper, silver acrylic paint, dishwashing liquid
2. Stick your ticket onto your cardboard
3. & 4. Stick the contact paper over the scratch part of your ticket.
5. Mix dishwashing liquid with paint (1:2 ratio of liquid:paint)
6. & 7. Paint over stratchy part
8. Hey presto.

So superduper amazing.
[Original link here]

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  1. Man, I am so going to do this!