*** stopmotion ***

Have a look at the world's smallest and largest stop motion animations in the world- as well as their "making of's".   I love everything about stop motion- and I am very intrigued by making ofs... It's one thing watching the animation, and whole other thing of seeing how much time, effort, craft and planning goes into these seemingly "simple" pieces of work... So fascinating.

I am very much convinced that at some point in my not too distant future I will attempt one of my own.  I have done so in my undergraduate, but I am not entirely satisfied with the outcome... So attempt no. two is well in order.

Anyway.  Have a look.  Too charming.

[Dot- The smallest stop-motion animation in the world]

[Making of Dot]

[Gulp- The largest stop=motion animation in the world]

[Making of Gulp]

[animation by Aardman (Sand art by Sand in your Eye) and shot with a Nokia N8]

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