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I'm not really one for ay form of political or social conversation amongst 'friends', it seems to me that it always ends up in bickering, never to be really resolved, where people usually grumpily agree to disagree... It has never really made much sense to me [I know many will argue this though]... Anyway...

I am however, a very large Banksy fan.  His commentary amuses me, and although it is very much 'in your face' by nature, he still makes his point in a way that you can "take it or leave it".

I found three very interesting non-graffiti Banksy-related posts that I will share with you on this very merry Christmas day (merry Christmas to you all):

1. Banksy stealing challenge: The Art Series Hotels have hung up a Banksy picture which the guests of the hotel are welcome to steal: if they can pull of the "heist" without being busted, they get to keep the picture [as far as I understand this is how it works].  Damn cool. I'd love to try that, but unfortunately I am on the other side of the globe... [Read more about it here]

[Picture is "up- ready for stealing"]

[Picture is stolen]

2. Banksy's pet store. Very entertaining: the chicken nuggets crack me up... And the CCTV birds...

3. Banksy's critique of the whole catholic-priest-shenanigans: blurring out the priest statues face like criminals in documentaries. Teehee, clever. He says "I'm never sure who deserves to be put on a pedestal or crushed under one".

[Images from here]

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