*** my tablet***

I generally don't like blogging about things I have created, as I suffer from perfectionist-induced-shyness about most of my "work" [I generally don't regard doodling making pictures as work, but I am sure some people might do].  Plus, I suppose it really is a good idea proverbially 'putting my stuff "out there"' for some exposure, even if it is limited to the relatively small amount of 31 followers (I am thankful for every one of you).

After being engulfed by my still very new (to me), and still very beloved, graphic's tablet tonight, I was inspired to at least make the attempt of keeping a constant flow of 'own work' going on here in the future. As I am not the most avid blogger, I am keeping it realistic and am aiming for at least once a month...  Let's see how that goes.

For now (at risk of seeming ever-so-slightly vain), I've uploaded the self portrait I was mucking about with tonight.  [Drawn from a photograph taken by Hannes, my very dear friend and very talented designer/ illustrator.  Pop into his Behance portfolio site here].

Afterthought for the day: I hope you like my new blog-look. It was time for a change. It was tough to let go of the endless pink, but it had to be done at some point.


  1. Julia you are always so pretty, in person and on graphic tablet.

  2. im jealous as i am awed...not that im surprised friend