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Although I am not a gifted writer, I have the irrepressible urge to digress (my apologies in advance for the sentimental dribble I am about to share with you- the links are good at least).

I am currently lying belly-down on my friend’s bed; which I have been occupying for the last couple of days, as he is on holiday and I am suffering from a chronic onset of homelessness as direct result of unemployment.  Either the recession is hitting hard, or I am ‘terminally unemployable’*.  Let’s hope not the latter.

Currently I am indulging in a, let’s call it ‘pensive, state of being’.  I have discovered the music of Laura Marling, which is fuelling this mentality.  Every hour or so I proceed to shovel in excessive amounts of Ovomaltine powder [I have blogged about this beast of a beverage here].


Besides being sprawled out on a meadow of duvets, stuffing my ever-expanding face with powdered chocolate, I am on a thoroughly enjoyable blog-reading streak, which I feel I should share- in case you too feel like reading some captivating pieces of the English language.

The highlights of my evening, however menial you may find them (I don’t, I can assure you) included:

Discovering an acquaintance’s blog [it is far more intelligible than mine, not hard to believe considering I describe my current state of vegetation as ‘pensive’].

I read about the death of her dog and cried. Literally.

I found another blog about my old hometown, which made me nostalgic and a bit homesick.

I managed to get chewing gum all over my jacket and googled how to make this blunder reversible***

And I discovered the Thought Catalogue, a place for relevant and relatable non-fiction and thought and particularly enjoyed these entries [I envy people with the ability to write so comprehensively]:

You should date an illiterate girl [by Charles Warnke]
I collect homes [by Talia Ralph]
You guys, I am so old [by Chelsea Fagan]

Also, I particularly enjoyed The Dumb Day [by Brad Pike].  I have dumb days all the time. And I mean all the time…

* I am sure this phrase has been patented by one of my friends, who takes particular pleasure in making fun of me for not having a job.
** Modern  typography is in serious need of a sarcasm font.
*** Apparently you freeze the garment and scrape off the gum

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