*** being back ***

I've been a horribly lame blog-poster in the last, uh, nine months or so-  I've been meaning to compile a properly thought through "I'm back" post, but I think it's best I just get the ball rolling and get back to simply posting about things I like.

So here goes:

My boss/ employer/ muscled dude I work with during the week often sends me links to animations and designs he likes, the most recent- and one of the most fantastical- is 5m80 by Cube Creative Productions and Orange.  Too damn awesome yet again.

It is just about my bedtime, or I'd elaborate more on the contents of this lovely animation, but see its awesomeness for yourselves:

***Unfortuantely I could only locate the embed code for an excerpt of the animation- to see it in its full length (about 5min), check it out here on dailymotion.

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