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When I was young, family and friends blessed me with loads of teddys: I had basket upon basket of stuffed animal toys in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.  Admittedly my Chimp has always been my favourite.  I am a bit of a hoarder, so when I moved to Glasgow two years ago, I asked my dad to send me the most necessary of my belongings- a few days later two boxes were waiting in front of my door, filled predominantly with clothes, because Glasgow is a cold, oh so cold, place.  Amongst my clothes also, was my little monkey.  Very touching that of all the things I have flying around my dad's house, he deemed my monkey as one of my 'most-essentials'.  At 27 I still sleep with monkey in my bed.

Even yesterday the Greek was making fun of me, telling me that when I come home my monkey will have a mohawk stitched onto his fuzzy head, and some form of (anarchist? communist? Who knows...) flag in his hand.  Potentially also a piercing or two. Disturbing.  Yes.

All beside the point, again.  What I actually want to share is not the love I hold for my fuzzy friend, but this lovely little video on youTube by zefrank, called Teddy has an Operation.  Maybe also a bit disturbed, but definitely charming too.

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