***cat-coincidences ***

The other day I got entirely sucked into lovely things the internet had to show me, there are so many lovely things out there. I came across this image of a girl with a fox sleeping on her head, and it made me think of my old kitty cat, Pixie (indeed, I too find this name a little bit retarded, but the person I was dating at that time insisted on calling her that, but this is besides the point).

Pixie was the most docile being on the face of the planet.  She used to follow people around like a little puppy, sleep stretched out against my belly [yes, very very much like people spoon. I tried many times to move her in her sleep in fear of me squashing her, but she always jumped straight back into the bed, dug herself under the blankets and proceeded her spooning again]; and she used to sit on my head.  Originally I had planned to upload the photograph of this, but alas I seem to have lost it over the years, so instead I am uploading a cheap imitation of the photo, namely a self portrait I did in my first year of undergraduate degree. Not as effective, but you get the point.

We even both have hearts on the clothes we are wearing. I like...

Girl with fox on head found on Etsy, here.

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