*** little shop of horrors ***

As I have recently moved into a new flat [pictures soon to come. yay], I went for a visit to IKEA. I dearly love IKEA, I will not go into detail about how much I love IKEA- it will suffice to say that I love it very very very much...

My flatmate- who, unlike me, is not very much into the home-shopping experience- very quickly, without mucking about, found his list of items and was ready to leave.  Almost at the end of ikea is the plant section  in which I made him wait patiently while I inspected almost every plant in the shop.  Nearing the end of my plant shopping, I turned around and to my surprise my flatmate was standing next to (or rather bent forwards, as he is very very tall) a shelf filled with venus flytraps. Very intrigued by this species of flora.

£7 and plus-one-carnivorous-plant later we went home.

Today I heard Dani listening to the Little shop of Horrors song "Feed me Seymore".  Greatly amused.  This in turn greatly brightened up my day: a 2 meter tall, polish scientist laughing at a man-eating-hollywood-plant-star. Superb.

Here are some pictures of our [well, Dani's] "Seymore" along with some images of the Little Shop of Horrors. Lovely.

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