*** stuffed toys and good times ***

I love these funny little plush stuffed toys you get these days. Once I am not as obsessively busy trying to complete my masters project, I am so going to make odd little stuffed things... Have a look at some cool ones I've seen on the interweb here.

One of them in particular amused me, because similarly to my fox-and-cat-on-head-picture-experience, I thought "hey, that reminds me of back in the day, when..." Well this one reminded me of when my very dear friend, Hannes, covered my head in masking tape. Oh, the random shit we used to do for entertainment...


  1. Haha! It's disturbing how similar the placement of the masking tape & bandages are in these images. Even the hair is almost the same!

  2. The two of you always got up to random crazy ass stuff at 443