*** clouds... ***

I really like this picture that a friend of mine took of me the other day. It is taken in front of his house, which is a old fashioned white stone house. You know, those houses that are still heated with oil stoves. This type of house makes me think of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five storybooks. Her constant mention of cooked ham, pantries and adventures in candlelight somehow make me feel cozy and comfortable. Perhaps it is because it reminds me of the contentment of my childhood as my mother would read me Famous Five at bedtime. It gives me some inexpicable sense that everything is going to be okay- much in the same way that the smell of underground parkades (or tunnels) makes me feel safe and secure; and makes me think of my grandfather and a red BMX bicycle. Strange, but some smells you don’t forget…

Anyway, again, that is all besides the point though…

The picture was taken in the afternoon a couple of days back, the light was an off yellow, almost orange. Like when you wear those tinted sunglasses. The clouds hung in the air much like lazy bags of flour would- floating like giant marshmallows in the sky. It was- to put it lamely- supercool.

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  1. that's really pretty! i can't decide if it's a painting or if it looks like a scene straight out of 300's green screen (in a good way though!). Wow, really pretty :)