*** ... creative people, talented kids and satisfied lives ***

Gennine is an inspiration to me, she is a "curious" stay at home mother and does the most beautiful things [which you can see if you visit her awesome blog].

It makes me imagine the kind of existance this woman must have: a family she clearly adores, a deep-rooted satisfaction with her life (something I have yet to find) and time- well spent on productive & fulfilling projects (ie the stunning fimo clay birds).

She also regularly blogs about her puppy (of course a lady like this owns a puppy...), as well as her children's drawings, which I think are incredible. I find them so charming and of course, inevitably naive, but in a way remarkably sophisticated... And I almost envy the children that drew them... To draw like this at age 8 (Daniel) and 9 (Israel), I think is... well... like I said before: incredible.

Man are those kids talented.

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