*** i like... Bruno Munari ***

In Bruno Munari's book "Good Design", the orange, the rose and the peapod are analysed.

About the orange:

"Besides the juice, the sections usually contain a small seed from the same tree. This is a little gift that the production offers to the consumer just in case he should wish to have his own personal production of these objects. Please note the economic unselfishness of such an idea, and at the same time the psychological bond that is born between consumer and production."

How beautifully phrased.
What a unique man... Another one of his thoughts:

About wear and tear of the typical wooden spoon found in every kitchen... whose sheared off shape is created by use:

The special Munari touch is the observation that we have eaten the missing part of the spoon, which has slowly over time mixed up in our soup.

What an undoubtably true observation!
I like Bruno Munari...

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