*** i like it in an almost perfect world... ***

This picture looks like fun, summer, friends and grillparties; set in an idyllic garden in, well, suburbia- or perhaps just outside of suburbia ...

People will bring bowls of fresh sangria and warm fruit tarts and the odd bottle of bourbon whiskey so that they can enjoy the pleasure that is my backyard. I will grow fruit, vegetables and herbs and i will build pretty wooden figurines and lanterns to adorn my porch. We will have champagne breakfasts and eat home baked croissants.

The air is sweet and sticky and it never gets cold.

[Picture from here]


  1. I hope I get to be in that world! sounds great! but if it never gets cold, will you be able to wear scarves?

  2. *sigh*
    I hope to be a part of your world too!
    Sounds perfect... I like!

  3. I wear scarves in summer too!