*** a challenge ***

A while back I received a facebook message from a friend with beautiful images of a mini gingerbread house resting on the corner of a hot chocolate mug [check out the beautiful images from the Lucky Pony Blog].  At first I was ├╝ber-tempted to upload them to share my mini-gingerbread house enthusiasm, but I stopped myself.  Lucky Pony writes "If anyone is brave enough to attempt these and then actually pulls them off, please send photos!". Well: "Challenge accepted".  My houses came out a little bit wonky and wobbly, but for a first attempt I'd say not too bad.  I still have a heap of dough left, more than enough for a second attempt.


  1. i would smash them in my face

  2. I wish I had a ginger bread house each morning with my work coffee to ease into the day