*** still life with woodpecker ***

I read "Still life with Woodpecker" recently by Tom Robbins. He has a beautiful way with language [and what an awesome bookcover].

Here's a little part in the book that I enjoyed particularly:

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Leigh-Cheri asked.
"I doubt it. I was thinking about the origin of the word pumpkin. It's such a cute word. Kind of plump and friendly- and sexy in a farmer's daughter sort of way. Perfect. I wonder who came up with that word. Some old pumpkin-patch poet in ancient Greece, I suppose. A traveling salesman out of Babylon?"
"Bernhard! Knock it off! It's been hours. I'm sure it's well past dawn."
Bernhard hugged her tightly. His fingers ran like foxes through the forest fire of her hair. "You know," he said, "I'll bet pumpkin is an American word. It just sounds American to me. Sweet dumb well-fed optimistic down-home ball of fun. I think of a Midwest cheerleader getting knocked up on the back seat of a Chevy after a frosty Friday night football game. You know what I mean? American pumpkin."

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