*** MORE baking ***

This blog was not meant to have so many baking post, but I find myself baking more and more and more and more these days and as I don't really have anything else to post at the moment you will have to make do with the multitude of cupcake images that I am uploading... Yummo.

Something different is bound to appear soon...

* Raspberry cupcakes with cream cheese and white chocolate frosting [partial fail: originally these were meant to be strawberry cupcakes, but alas Sainsbury's does not stock frozen strawberries- and evidently it is not strawberry season either].
* Caramel and buttermilk cupcakes... I made the icing too sweet... noooo!


  1. Who gets to eat all these delicious cup cakes?

    I don't ever remember you baking at 443, and we were starving housemates!!!

  2. I try and feed people with cupcakes here, but they usually end up going stale on my kitchen table :( im in need of some starving housemates. hehe!