*** my new camera ***

It is needless to say that I love baking... I might not be the best baker in the world, but I love it regardless [which is strange, I usually get frustrated with things I am not good at- hence the frustration I am feeling with my course. But, that is again, besides the point].

As part of one of my classes we wrote a script for an animation and, as a group, created an animatic for it.  Our story was about a lady who can't bake to save her life- her husband doesn't have the heart to tell her this and keeps pretending he likes her cake (but keeps shoving them down the side of his couch or feeding them to his dog). Eventually, years later Rose (the bad baker) is chasing a mouse with a knife and ends up cutting into the side of her husband's chair, revealing decades worth of hidden away cakes. She's upset but gets over it [not the best resolution, but that is not what this blogpost is about anyway].  What it is about is this:

We are presenting this piece of work tomorrow and we thought it would be nice to have some cupcakes with our presentation [yes, any excuse to bake]... but since Rose can't bake at all we were contemplating on handing out seriously disgusting cakes, which would be quite the waste though. So to compromise I baked a whole range of cupcakes [dark chocolate with chocolate chip and hazelnut, maltesers cupcakes and lemon ones], of all these cakes there is one in which I added a grated onion. So one unlucky soul is going to get quite the surprise biting into (probably) the most awful cake ever. I'm quite looking forward to it. Slightly malicious, but in good spirit... and with the potential of being epically funny, in which case I might just blog about it in the near future.

Besides that I took these photos with my lovely new SLR camera that I am adoring (even though I dont know how to use it yet- all I know is click to take a picture- thats why the pictures still look a bit sad...).


  1. fantastic cakes!!!!! really love the lemon flavour one I had today, thx!!!

  2. wow! they look so apetising :) you are better at this than you give yourself credit for... don't beat yourself to much. What good is a course if you can do everything well already? well that's my theory any way, you gotta feel a little bit out of your depth so you can be better :)